We are the most experienced power control systems in this market. We have been serving in power controls since three decades.


We use latest and modern equipment. The materials we use are high quality and long lasting.


All of the items we use comes with long warranty and highly durable. Our products have 2 to 10 years warranty and 20+ years of performance.

Total Support

Our support from ground level to complete the project level. Our experienced technical staff will assist customers at all the time.

About Casper Power Controls

Established in 2012

Why to choose Casper?

Casper powercontrols pvt.ltd., is one of the leaders in supplying & servicing firm in Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu area. Our businesses in giving solution on power corrections and power saving. With our state of art technology we supply our casper solar and casper home ups to entire Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. And we deal with best quality solar photovoltaic modules which has been recommended by government of india of the modules having BIS certification.

More than 30 years of Experience
Having power electronics work experience of more than 30 years and Solar company established in 2012.

Branded and Warranty
All of our supplying products are branded and comes with 2 to 10 years of warranty, and upto 25 years of performance.

100 KW and above Solar Plant installations
We are the specialists in solar power plants installations. We have successfully installed upto 5 MW of Installations.